Horse Riding & Swimming

Name Location Type Of Activity Description
Shire Horse
    28 miles
Horse display Shire and Shetland pony shows daily. Only open 3 days a week,
    Riding School
    17 miles
Horse Riding From beginner to advanced, from four years old to adult, there is
    tuition for all. You can take class lessons, private tuition, dressage,
    jumping or lunge lessons. Booking is recommended. Learn more at
Ryedale Pool Malton
    2 miles
Swimming This is a small pool but adequate if you are taking children or just
    want a bit of exercise yourself.
    (Clifton Moor)
    19 miles
Swimming This is more of an adventure pool. There are various tubes a wave
    machine and water jets. The space is split into different sections;
    shallow to adult depth main pool area, a water channel that goes
    through a tunnel and a more sedate children's pool area.
Seaside Scarborough
    19 miles
Swimming Scarborough, a coastal town, has a fabulous beach with miles of
    lovely sand and is very relaxing. If you get bored there is also a good
    funfair and loads of shops. If you didn't take food, there is a lot of
    different take-away places and some excellent bakeries. Be
    choosy when buying fish & chips - watch what others bring out of
    the shop or be cheeky and ask if you can taste a chip.
    22 miles
Horse Riding Miles of forest terrain, beautiful scenery & a steady trek for all the
    family. With the emphasis on Fun you can find more information at